Monday, May 30, 2011

Just for fun...

I composed this last night at's pretty long, and I think I was a bit too ambitious when I wrote it! I found a website of other people's bucket lists and they listed things like, "Make homemade ice cream" and "Swim with dolphins." I've already done both of those things (hahaha that's another story for another day). I actually had quite a bit of trouble coming up with the things on my list, but I was pretty satisfied when I finished. So, without further ado... tada!

My Bucket List (in no particular order)
1) Become a bestselling author
2) Visit New York City (and consider living there for a bit)
3) Tour Europe (Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain)
4) Visit Hawaii
5) Go on a mission’s trip
6) Climb Kilimanjaro
7) Learn photography
8) Volunteer at an orphanage in India
9) Visit Israel
10) Become fluent in a different language
11) Go to Carnival in Brazil
12) Live in San Francisco
13) Retire at Hilton Head
14) Live in Boone, NC
15) Teach English to middle school
16) Get married
17) Have six children
18) Live in England
19)  Collect books and compile a library in my house
20) My life long wish: To serve Christ with every ounce of my being every day of my life J

Try writing your own!

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