Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book review for Heist Society by Ally Carter
When I read the summary for Heist Society, I thought that it was about this girl, Kat, and her friends who return stolen art. But that’s only half the story…they are actually thieves who are forced to re-steal stolen art to save Kat’s father’s life. Kat is not thrilled about the life her family leads, and escapes it by attending a ritzy boarding school. But she’s forced to become a thief again when her father is wrongly accused of pilfering a billionaire Arturo Taccone’s famous artwork. Kat soon finds out that the artwork is not Taccone’s after all. Filled with action and plot twists, this book will keep you guessing until the last page.
This book was entertaining but not spectacular. Kat’s character wasn’t very unique, and neither was Nick’s. I loved Hale and Gabrielle, though. The plot wasn’t predictable or unrealistic. The only problem I had was the guys’ (Simon, Hamish, and Angus) infatuation with Kat’s chest. That part was unnecessary and (thankfully) brief. Heist Society was a good read, just not a great read. If you’re looking for a light read just to keep your mind occupied and entertained, then I suggest you try this book.
Quick Contents Review:
Profanity- None (not that I can remember; nothing serious, maybe “shoot” or “dang”)
Sexual- Minor (Nick and Kat kiss once to cause a distraction. Kat dresses in a more form-fitting outfit to rob a museum, and Angus, Hamish, and Simon notice and comment. Nothing crude, very brief)
Other negative content- To be frank, Kat’s family is a family of thieves. Stealing art, jewelry, and other expensive objects is their livelihood. Stealing is not portrayed in this book as something wrong.

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