Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook makes me laugh

After you get a Facebook, and as you "friend" more and more people you know, you'll discover that there are several different types of people and personalities on Facebook. Here are a few that I can help but find amusing:
1) Those that almost always post negative statuses that leave you thinking, "I didn't know that person was emo!"
2) Those that post consecutively. All. The. Time.
3) Those that post happy-happy-joy-joy!!! statuses and act like life is a piece of cake.
4) Those that only post the status of their love life.
5) Those that are constantly posting lyrics to Taylor Swift songs (aka the broken hearted)
6) Those that have a Facebook but never get on it and therefore, never post at all.
7)Those that post every moment of their entire life on Facebook for all the world to see. Like we care that you just fed the cat...
8) Those that post the most boringest (no, kids, that is not a word) statuses, like "Slow day. Just mowed the grass. Now I'm gonna sit in front of the TV for the next 5 hours."

Well, that about covers it all. I feel accomplished. It's not every day that I get to rag on the 5 million people who have a Facebook. ;)

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