Review Requests

I generally will read/review anything, but here are some exceptions:
-I do not accept review requests for e-books
-I do not accept review requests for books about/focusing on sorcery, witchcraft, or that has demonic content
-I do not accept review requests for books with highly excessive amounts of profanity, violence, or sexual content
As a warning, I’m not a huge fan of paranormal. If I dislike a book, I’ll try to be as passive as possible, but please note that my reviews are my personal opinion.
I promise to be as kind and open with what I accept as possible, but you’ll do much better if you look into the genres/books to which I usually give good reviews.
I’ll be more than happy to do author interviews, giveaways, or support your book in any other kind of way.
I do not receive monetary donation or compensation for any of the books I review on this site, whether received through authors, publishers, publicists, or giveaways.
Contact for review requests:

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