Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book review for Silas Marner by George Eliot
            I won’t try and lie to you- when I first started Silas Marner, I stereotyped it as the driest, most tedious book ever written. But as I got into the story and the plot thickened, I became more engrossed than I was going to allow myself to be. The Silas’ tragedy was typical; old man gets his hidden fortune stolen by a no-good trouble maker. But the entrance of Eppie into his life was more interesting and uncommon. She brought him joy and happiness like he had never felt before. His money had brought him what he interpreted as happiness, but it was fake. Eppie’s bubbly personality and cheerfulness turned out to be contagious, and spread to Silas. Her real father had failed her, but Silas, who had cared for her since the minute she came to him, was always a faithful parent. They were all they had in the world; each had been turned out by their kin. Although Silas Marner was a bit slow and boring at the beginning, the core of the story was thought-provoking and touching.

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