Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book review for Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand
I was so eager to get my hands on this book when it first came out, that I was giddy with pleasure when I finally picked it up from the library.  Deeanne Gist is a fantastic writer, and I adore all her work, so I knew this one would be delicious, too. I have never been much into suspense, but I thought, “Why not?” and gave it a try. Let me say, it was so captivating, and it had the perfect blend of steamy romance and blood-chilling suspense, my mom had to nearly wrench it out of my hands! I love Rylee; she is so independent, feminine, and na├»ve at the same time. I wanted to be just like her- live in Charleston and walk wealthy people’s dogs for a living. Logan absolutely delighted me from the beginning. The way he was described challenged my image of a news reporter- scrawny, inconsiderate, and nosey. He was buff, funny, and cared about what he reported. He also was worried about Rylee’s safety, after he looked into her issue and after their initial bickering and despise for each other ceased. I was really pleased with their romance; it didn’t overpower the suspense. By the way, the suspense was great. I don’t really have anything to compare it too, since that’s not my kind of book, but I enjoyed it. The plot was well thought-out, and I honestly didn’t find anything too disagreeable with the book at all. One thing I would have liked to see more of Rylee’s and Logan’s Christian faith. It was implied that they both had Christian backgrounds, but the book wasn’t as saturated with Christian beliefs as much as Deeanne’s past novels. I’m guessing that’s because it was a collaboration. Still, it was a marvelous read. I searched for other romantic suspense novels at the library after I finished this book, and was disappointed to find there aren’t any! I was enthralled with Beguiled, and strongly urge you to give it a try if you haven’t.
Quick Content Review:
Profanity- None
Violence- None
Sexual- Minor (Rylee and Logan kiss once or twice)
Other Negative Content- Rylee and Logan go to a party on the beach at night. There is drinking.

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