Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thought for the day

Today after church I stopped by Harris Teeter. As I was checking out, I glanced up at the magazine rack. People’s Magazine screamed at me, in big yellow letters, “Kim’s engaged!” It had a picture of Kim Kardashian, America’s top leading socialite, and some hunky guy she is currently into. I was reminded of my conversation of Facebook with a friend about how marriages fail because of selfishness. As Miss Kardashian’s heavily make-upped (and probably photo shopped) face smiled at me, my first thoughts were, “Well, that’s not going to last long.” Then my eyes flitted down to the bottom of the magazine. A little corner about 2”x 2” held a photo of two distressed and homeless victims of the tornados that leveled Joplin, Missouri just days ago. My heart sank. A terrible natural disaster has taken homes, possessions, and lives and all we’re concerned about is the engagement of some celebrity (might I say, an engagement to a marriage that probably won’t even last two years, if that long)? How can we be so heartless? Sometimes it really shames me to be an American.

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