Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A thoughtful reflection

Summer: What is it that makes us wild for it?
            When May rounds around each year, there is one thing on everyone’s mind. Summer. No school. Sleeping in. Cooling down at the pool. Late nights with friends. Fireflies. Shorts and flip flops. Tanning on the beach. Every aspect of summer is appealing. We hunger for summer. Dream about it all throughout the last semester of school. We party when it arrives. What is it that makes us long for summer? I believe the answer to that question is freedom. In summer, we have freedom from school or college. Freedom from stress. Freedom from pressure. Freedom from schedules and due dates. Freedom from worry and anxiety. Freedom from reality. In summer, we can temporarily forget all about our worries and problems that bombard us during the year. We can let it all fade away as we have fun with our friends. It’s an escape, a hideout from the troubles of life. All good things happen in the summer. We get summer jobs. We go on vacation. We fall in love and have summer romances. Everyone gets summer fever at least once in their lifetime. I…I think I’ve caught it too. J

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