Monday, May 9, 2011

Book review for The Lauren Holbrook series

Book review for The Lauren Holbrook series
Before I begin, I just want to say, I loved the covers of these books. They were cute and fun and attracted my attention. Now. Let’s begin. Erynn Mangum did an extremely good job on these books. They kept my attention the whole time and thoroughly entertained me. Lauren’s antics and whims had me laughing the whole time I had the book in my hands. I could barely put it down, and spent many nights reading it in the wee hours of the morning.  Lauren’s love (or should I say obsession?) of all things coffee and chocolate was one of the many things I loved about her, along with her match-making skills, of course. She was so spontaneous and I wanted to be just like her by the end of the book.
 First off, I actually know someone who is a living and breathing “Lauren.” She is hilarious, outgoing, and the sweetest person I know. She reminded me of Lauren because she doesn’t give up when she wants something. To be honest, I thought at the beginning of the series, “Oh, it’s so obvious that Lauren will get together with Brandon.” Wrong! He’s so sweet, but he and Lauren are more like brother and sister than husband and wife. He’s too serious and level-headed for her, and she would have driven him crazy had they gotten married. Ryan is so much better suited for her. But when Erynn introduced him into the scene, I was kind of confused. I thought that Lauren’s match would have sunlight glittering off him, and all mouths would drop at the sight of him. Nope. Lauren just plops down on the couch at the single’s meeting, stuffing Oreos in her mouth, almost steps on Ryan, and there he is. I loved their relationship-it was the sweetest thing! I really don’t know how else to describe it…
I laughed so hard when Hannah started working for Brandon, and Lauren had all those mean thoughts about her being a Barbie doll! I had absolutely no idea that they would become fast friends, and that Lauren would even drag Hannah into her match-making business. Another thing I didn’t see coming was Nick and Ruby’s marriage. Whoa. Once they both relaxed a bit (ok, Ruby had to relax a lot) they became a really cute couple. And I wanted to scream with ecstasy when Ruby announced that she was pregnant. Aaaahhh! How perfect!
The Lauren Holbrook series are definitely some of the most engaging, consuming books I have ever read. I loved the constant dialogue, Lauren’s hilarity, and the delightful romance that tied it all together. Go buy them and save them for a rainy day!
Quick Content Review:
Profanity- None
Violence- None
Sexual- Minor (couples kiss chastely)
And the covers are adorable! =)

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