About Me

Hi there. My name's Shelby.

I'm a college student who, firstly, is in love with Jesus Christ, my Savior and King. I also love to read and write when I'm supposed to be poring over textbooks. I've always loved to read. As far as writing goes, I have two unfinished novels sitting inside my laptop. Emphasis on "unfinished." That basically sums up my writing career.

I also like to eat things that aren't good for me, talk about exercising but never really do it, check out far too many books from the library, and spend a shameful amount of time on social networks. So find me on one:

Facebook page: Gobs and Gobs of Books
Twitter: @GobsGobsofBooks
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  1. Wow! I've been reading your blog for a little while, and had no idea you are a teenager! You write extremely well! And I hear you're doing NaNo this year? Me too! Would you mind another writing buddy? My username is: Ms. Elf Aggion.

  2. One question to rule them all (reference you probably won't understand if what I'm about to ask you it's true): Why don't you read paranormal things? Like, no fantasy? Why? Have you tried?
    Lovely blog, though. I'm flexible, I read a bit of everything. Okay, maybe I'm not into steampunk or anything historical, but you can't have it all. I love YA fiction. New follower :)

  3. Camila- Haha! I do get that reference, btw. ;)
    I just don't like paranormal for various reasons. I've tried reading it, and I always seems to find it unconvincing. I have a hard time connecting to characters in paranormal books, too. I mean, I read fantasy and sci-fi (like Lord of the Rings and Maximum Ride) which I guess you could categorize as paranormal, but vampires and werewolves? No, I'm sorry. Just doesn't peak my interest.

    Glad you like the blog!

  4. Oh, well. I guess it's your loss, haha.
    How old are you, btw? I don't find many teenagers like me here.

  5. I'm 18, but I started blogging when I was about 15 or 16. How old are you? Haha I know what you mean...a lot of book bloggers are college students or moms.

  6. I'm only 15, but I started blogging a couple of months ago. I'm still new here, but I adapt easily. As if it wasn't enough to be young, I'm argentinian. You may be asking yourself, where the hell is Argentina?! Exactly. I'm a misfit even here.

  7. What have you liked about blogging so far?

  8. I really like that the people is so kind. Like, I'm so used to Tumblr. And I love the people there, but some are all over discussing only teams and sometimes ruin fandoms. I also love that I'm getting better with my english. That's the whole point of it, or it was when I started. My mother language is spanish. I also read a lot more than I did before, I I have more books to read. And, I don't know, I just like writing and reading, so it's perfect.

  9. Yeah, bloggers are really awesome people. I've gotten to know a few and I really look up to them. You start to meet people who like the same kind of things as you and then you realize you would probably read anything they recommend. It's an awesome feeling when that happens. I wish more bookish events happened around my area, but sadly they don't. Someday I'm going to go to BEA (Book Expo of America) and meet all these people I converse with on the internet.

  10. Well, my best hope is to one day actually move to the USA and experience this. But that dream is far, far away at the moment. I know a lot of people through the internet like that, because of Tumblr. I've even skyped with one of them! But I wish the states were nearer. Sadly, I'm still a 15 year-old argentinian outcast. But I accept what I can get :)


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