Sunday, October 7, 2012

So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones

Published: May 5th 2009 (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
Pages: 329
Rating: 4/5

Bella Kirkwood had it all: A-list friends at her prestigious private school, Broadway in her backyard, and Daddy's MasterCard in her wallet. Then her father, a plastic surgeon to the stars, decided to trade her mother in for a newer model. When Bella's mom falls in love with a man she met on the Internet--a factory worker with two bratty sons--Bella has to pack up and move in with her new family in Truman, Oklahoma. On a farm, no less.

Forced to trade her uber-trendy NYC lifestyle for down-home charm, Bella feels like a pair of Rock & Republic jeans in a sea of Wranglers. At least some of the people in her new high school are pretty cool. Especially the hunky football player who invites her to lunch. And maybe even the annoying--but kinda hot--editor of the school newspaper.

But before long, Bella smells something rotten in the town of Truman, and it's not just the cow pasture. With her savvy reporter's instincts, she is determined to find the story behind all the secrets. [Description from Goodreads]

Credit card? Check. Prada heels? Check. Gucci purse? Check. Major attitude? Check.
This is what makes up Bella Kirkwood. Only problem? She went from shopping at Barney’s to waking up in a dinky little town in Oklahoma, complete with roosters, cows, and a diner (with a waitress that reminds me of Dolly Parton). She now has two very odd brothers (understatement of the year, right there) and a suspicious stepdad. Her mom has apparently flown off the handle (considering she married said stepdad), and all Bella wants is a one-way flight back to Manhattan. I’ll just go ahead and relieve your suspense, here.
She gets anything but.
Jenny B. Jones
I loved this book. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but my surprise was definitely more pleasant than repulsive. I loved Bella as a character. She must have been so much fun to write (spoiled rotten brats usually are). Honestly, she annoyed me for a while, but it was a good kind of annoyance. The tolerant kind. *grin* But she’s also hilarious. One thing that’s so funny about her is that she’s completely unaware that she’s so selfish and rude. Completely. Unaware. I’m currently reading the second book, and she does get a little less arrogant, but my advice to you is: enjoy her attitude while you can. It’s priceless.
I wasn’t really expecting this book to turn out the way it did. I was envisioning a glittery, girly ending, but the book took a darker turn than I imagined it would. I kind of liked how it ended, though. Unforeseen suspense is always a nice thing. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say I have an irrational fear of high school football players now. Even the buff ones. The more competitive, the worse they are. And just to irritate you, I’m not going to say anything else about it and let you read the book yourself to find out what on earth I’m talking about.
So, in conclusion, I’d have to say that I really, really liked this book. I can’t say it’s my favorite by Jenny, though, because her newest book, There You’ll Find Me, takes the prize for that. But So Not Happening was hardly lacking in Jenny’s usual hilarity and mirth, and it proved to keep me smiling the whole time I was reading it. Between shaking my head at Bella, laughing to myself, and swooning over Luke (that’s another story for another time), I couldn’t find one thing I didn’t like about So Not Happening. It’s both a girly read as well as one that’ll grip you as it nosedives toward the ending. And it’s one you should read reeealll soon (as they would say in Oklahoma).
Quick Content Review: *may contain spoilers*
Language: None.
Violence: Mild- Moderate (Several incidents mentioned of football players encountering “accidents” that resulted in their deaths. A girl is forced to overdose on pills.)
Sexual: Mild (some kissing)


  1. GAH!!!!! This one of my favorite books!!!! The whole series really. I would never even have know about Jenny B. Jones if it weren't for your stellar review of Just between you and me, and There you'll find me. Thank you for recommending such AMAZING books, and authors!!!

  2. Aww, thank YOU, Stephanie! I'm so glad my reviews have done some good! =)

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