Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interview with Brynna Gabrielson, author of Starkissed

Today we’re chatting with debut and self-published author, Brynna Gabrielson, whose exciting novel, Starkissed, was released in August.
Welcome to the blog, Brynna! So glad we get to chat with you today.
Hello Shelby! No problem, I'm happy to be here.
1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. (I heard that you finished your MA and are officially a student of the past tense now. Congrats!)
A little about me? Well I'm from British Columbia; Canada originally, though I am currently living in the UK where I, as you said, just finished my Master's Degree in Publishing. I actually just finished two weeks ago, so this studentless life is still pretty new and terrifying. As well as loving reading and writing, I'm hugely addicted to too many television shows and love to travel. I'm also a bit of a shopaholic. Umm...what else can I say? I hate onions and mushrooms with a passion and chocolate is my biggest weakness.
2) Well, what do you know? Chocolate is my kryptonite, also. *wink* Using five adjectives, describe your novel.  
Fluffy, Romantic, Funny, Cute, and Swoonworthy.
3) Just for fun…if you could be kissed by any celebrity, who would it be? How do you think you would react?
Oh, that's a hard one. I'm the queen of celebrity crushes, or at least I was once upon a time. In high school my locker was absolutely plastered with pictures cut out from magazines. My longest standing celeb crush is Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys (blushes), but I don't know if I'd pick him, it might ruin the teenage fantasy. These days I'm a big fan of Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor), though Ryan Gosling is pretty fabulous (what girl wouldn't want to kiss him?)
As for my reaction, in theory I like to think I'd be one of those people who would be oh so cool around a famous person; rationally I know they are just people like you and me, but it probably wouldn't work out quite so well. I'd probably stammer, blush and say something horribly moronic.
4) Ha, that would be me too. Or I’d end up tripping over something and break a bone. In Starkissed, Sydney is initially turned off by Grant’s advances. She would rather it be her crush Colin who is giving her all this attention. But she slowly grows to like Grant. Can you tell us of a time in your life when you thought you wanted one thing, but realized you really wanted something else entirely?
Haha, to be honest I can't really think of anything on the spot. At least nothing meaningful. The other day I regretted getting the carrot cake instead of cheesecake, but I don't think that's a good answer. I guess maybe this past year I've slowly realized that what I really want is to write full time. That was my goal a long time ago, but after trying to get published or get an agent and not succeeding, I slowly convinced myself that I just wanted to work in publishing. However after self-publishing Starkissed and seeing people respond so well to it, I've really started to realize how much writing is still what I want for my life and it’s what I really want to do at the end of the day.
5) *applauds* Good for you! Your book is a fantasy that every female has dreamed of at least once: not only being kissed by a hot movie star, but being pursued by said movie star. Was this fact part of what spurred you to write Starkissed? (Knowing that readers would be able to “relate”…for lack of a better word.) J
Absolutely, that was where I drew most of my inspiration from. It was pretty much my fantasy from the age of 9 on (when I first gazed into the eyes of Nick Carter). I think the main driving factor behind writing Starkissed, however, was just how annoyed I was that the YA market is so stuffed full of all these dark, moody romances (mostly paranormal) and that there really isn't a lot of just funny, cute, romantic books out there for girls to read. As a reader I love to laugh. I wanted to see more Meg Cabot and less Stephanie Meyer.
6) Believe me, the book market could use some more Meg Cabot and a little less Stephanie Meyers. What’s the best advice you can give aspiring authors?
I think I'd say don't be afraid of self-publishing. I spent a lot of time afraid of self-publishing, thinking that traditional publishing was the only valid way to go. I was afraid people would look down on me and my book. But after really researching it and seeing what it has to offer, I've realized that it's an amazing way for authors to reach their audiences and I'm so glad I decided to try it. I've sold more books than I ever thought I would and I'm so excited by the reactions I'm receiving. Starkissed sat on my computer two years doing nothing. Now people are reading it and liking it. As an author that's the best part.
Thanks so much, Brynna! It was a pleasure talking with you!
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