Monday, October 15, 2012

I’m So Sure by Jenny B. Jones (The Charmed Life #2)

Published: November 3rd, 2009 (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
Pages: 312

Rating: 4/5
"Think you're having a rough week? Bella's stepdad, a semi-pro wrestler, just signed the entire family up for a reality TV show. Bella's first thought: Kill. Me. Now."
Living in Truman, Oklahoma wasn't 100% miserable for Bella. Sure, she misses Manhattan, couture clothes, and her dad. But she was making new friends at Truman High and almost enjoying her work at the school newspaper. Then the whole stepdad-wrestler-reality-show issue hit and her life is now being splashed across weekly tabloids and broadcast news. As if having a camera crew following her around isn't bad enough, Bella soon discovers a conspiracy against the Truman High prom queen candidates. And the closer she gets to the answer, the more danger she's in.
As her relationship with Luke teeters between friendship and romance, Bella's ex-boyfriend Hunter reappears and vies for Bella's attention. Denying allegations of a love triangle, working to solve the prom queen mystery, and trying to keep her cool on national television finally motivate Bella to start talking--and listening--to God more.
But what comes next has Bella once again screaming: "I'M. SO. SURE."
Bella’s at it again. That is, when she’s not lusting over the newest spring fashion line for Burberry. I’m talking about her awesome crime-busting skills. With her amazing(ly hot) editor-in-chief, Luke, by her side, Bella’s ready for anything Oklahoma could possibly throw her way.
That was before her step-dad turned wrestler signed up to have their lives broadcasted via reality TV. 
Just as she was finally getting adjusted to life in Truman, a camera crew swipes the rug out from under her. Now, as she tries to 1) get a job for an article in the school paper, 2) figure out the male population, and 3) find out who’s out to turn prom into a nightmare, she can smile at the camera while she’s doing so.
I really enjoyed this second book in the Charmed Life series. Some parts were so laugh-out-loud hilarious. Like more hilarious than usual. *grin* A particular scene involving a disaster at a maxi-pad factory had me rolling on the floor. *coughcough* But I’ll let you find out the details of that little incident.
In So Not Happening, I wasn’t really all that impressed with Luke. I mean, his and Bella’s playful banter was interesting, but I just wasn’t very captivated with him. My reaction to him was completely different in this second book. Suddenly, Luke is hot. And I really liked it. J Looking forward to seeing how their little romance turns out in the third book.
The one and only thing that irritated me a little was the fact that this book seemed a little ridiculous at points. Jenny specializes in humor, sometimes the ridiculous kind, but some parts were just downright silly. As long as you can get past it and not focus on it too much, it shouldn’t really be a big deal.
In conclusion, I’m So Sure was a fantastic sequel to So Not Happening. I doubt I’ll ever get tired of Jenny’s humor. I can’t seem to get enough of it! Hopefully So Over My Head (book three) will prove to be just as entertaining.
Quick Content Review: *may contain spoilers*
Language: None
Violence: Mild (A nerdy maniac tries to blow up the prom queen.)
Sexual: Mild (A kiss or two and some harmless flirting)

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