Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

Published: December 27th, 2011
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 432
Rating: 2/5
My wish
is to fall
cranium over Converse
in dizzy, daydream-worthy

(If only it were that easy.)

When her parents split, Marcie is dragged from Idaho to a family summerhouse in New Hampshire. She leaves behind her friends, a group of freaks and geeks called the Leftovers, including her emo-rocker boyfriend, and her father. By the time Labor Day rolls around, Marcie suspects this "vacation" has become permanent. She starts at a new school where a cute boy brings her breakfast and a new romance heats up.

But understanding love, especially when you've watched your parents' affections end, is elusive. What does it feel like, really? Can you even know it until you've lost it? [Description from Goodreads]
Because this book was written in verse
and since I like being creative,
I’m writing my review
As a poem.
But don’t be harsh- I’m no poet.
Gimme some slack
Just this once.
And no, it ain’t gonna rhyme.

I’ll make it short
And semi-sweet
Because I don’t think I can do this poetry thing for long.
NOT great.
I loved that it’s written
As a young girl’s poems
About her topsy-turvy life.
It was fun and quick to read
Because the words
Seem to march single file down the page
That’s where the ‘likes’ end and the ‘dislikes’
All the characters were overly obsessed with sex.
And that sort of thing.
They discussed
And dwelt on it
As if it were the key to the universe.
Their definition of love was two people making out and touching each other.
Can we say confused?
Marcie doubted her boyfriend was even into her
All because he respected her
And didn’t use her.
By the end of the book
I was sick
And disgusted
With hearing all about
-Marice’s bisexual dad (ew, sick, twisted)
-Marcie and J.D. (so she knows he’s a “serial dater” and she still lets him use her?)
-Linus and his stupid song lyrics (I keep picturing an emo rocker dragging around a blue blanket)
-And these kids’ obsession with physical affection (Hey! That rhymed! Kind of…).
While I liked the verse
I didn’t enjoy the story.
It’s not that great.
Kind of made me sick to my stomach
At points.
So I suggest
You let this be a leftover on your shelf.
Quick Content Review: *may contain spoilers*
Language: Mild – Moderate
Violence: None
Sexual: Moderate – Heavy (I’d blush if I had to describe it.)

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  1. Absolutely loved your review, and it being like poetry just made it seem that much better.


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