Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: The Gingerbread House by Nell Carson

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Published: April 6th, 2012 (Avalon Books)
Pages: 185
Rating: 3/5

After a tumultuous past, Greta Kendall has focused mainly on her bridal shop, located on the first floor of her beloved Queen Anne Victorian near Aspen. For two years she’s fought to save her house from Stephanie Harwood of Harwood Development, who is intent on razing her home to build a new mall. But now Greta’s running out of time. The town council is about to approve the final plans for the mall.

When Gray Daniels walks into her shop, Greta is immediately attracted to his rugged good looks and midnight blue eyes, until she learns he’s Stephanie Harwood’s fiancĂ©. She’s furious to find they’ve tricked her into a publicity stunt aimed at garnering support for the mall. So now her little war has a new front: Gray Daniels. If only she could also fight her growing attraction to him.

A knock on the door brings a return of old danger, and Greta must now put aside her anguish over the house to discover if she’s at last capable of looking the past in the eye and overcoming it—and if she’s finally free to love again.
I was almost immediately captured by this cute romance. It’s short and sweet and easy to get into. The storyline is nothing incredibly original. It’s one of those backcountry romances where the main character is trying to save something that holds lifetimes of memories from the cruel jaws of progress, but the way Nell spins this story makes it easy to get captivated in the plot and the characters’ dilemmas.
The only qualm I had was with Gray. There were several instances where his eyes would “tear up,” and I felt myself wanting to roll my own eyes. I don’t like my men to get emotional. It’s the girl’s job to do that, so I got a little irritated when it seemed like both Gray and Greta were continually on the edge of tears. I understand that the house is getting destroyed and her mother is forgetful and his father’s physical and mental health is deteriorating, but let’s not get all weepy here, please and thank you.
The Gingerbread House was a touching, innocent romance that would be the perfect afternoon diversion on a cloudy day. While I could have gone for less tears and more kissing (everything was extremely innocent), I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to young teens as well as adult readers.
 Quick Content Review: *may contain spoilers*
Language: None (there might have been one or two minor words, but don’t quote me on the that)
Violence: Mild (mention of an abusive ex-husband)
Sexual: Mild (one or two very innocent kisses)

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