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Coma Pilot: Introducing John Mathis, film director and writer (Interview + Giveaway)

Today’s post is a little different. A friend of mine, John Mathis, is going to tell us about his new TV pilot, Coma. Let’s welcome him to the blog!
Hey, I am John Mathis, director and writer of Coma, a fantasy TV pilot my production team and I are filming this summer. We are so excited to bring something new, fresh, clean and exciting to the fantasy genre!

Tell us a little bit about what we’ll see in the Coma Pilot.
Coma is a time dimension hopping story about a girl caught in two different realities. It’s an action adventure story but, at the core of Coma it’s about these characters and what they go through in this journey of personal self-discovery. I am a huge fan of fantasy films however, when writing the Coma pilot I tried hard to make sure that it was not copying any other films in the fantasy genre. Instead I tried to make it my own while still paying tribute to some of my favorite directors and films. We are excited to be able to bring it to TV networks and sell it to such networks as ABC and the Sifi channel after it is completed!

What inspired you to create/produce this TV show?
I want to create something new. Most TV isn't unique anymore (with the exception of Downton Abbey "and "Doctor Who", of course.) I wanted to put my own personal stamp on a genre that I have grown up with and love and respect.

What’s the hardest thing about being a young, up-and-coming director/producer?Do you want me to list those answers alphabetically, or in order of significance? Haha, I would say getting people to know and see you’re potential. It’s a tough world out there and film is especially a tough industry, so it’s a little like running through a wave of people, who are going one way and you’re going the other. Not to judge you for you but, for what you can do. As a director and DP in the film world and someone who has two feature films going to theaters this summer I let my work speak for me. Advice, sell your work first and the rest will follow!

What film projects have you worked on in the past?I have had the honor of gaffing the feature film Knowhere by New Daydream films. An action thriller starring Bonnie Jonston from Tim Burton's "Big Fish".
I have DPed on "Tainted Love" an Emmy nominated cable show that airs on Halogen TV. It’s a show that exposes sex trafficking all around the world.
I was the director of Cinematography on "Waiting for Butterflies" starring Jason Burky from October Baby produced by NDF. I was also the DP on "Discover Zac Ryan" a new and emotionally powerful film by NDF. I have worked on other feature films and TV productions. Check out my IMDB for them all. I am so thankful to God for all the blessing me with these all.
5) Can you tell us about the awesome team you have working with you to make this show a reality?
I have a great production team behind me on this! I am so blessed to have them all. I am being helped by my dear friends at New Daydream Films.
My producer Phaedra Witt, who produced my first pilot “The Experiment House”, is my right hand woman and is helping with putting the production together. She has too many jobs to count. She is one of the hardest workers I know and I am blessed to have her on the production.
Anna Tabor the costume and prop master has the changing task of getting all the time period costumes and props for the pilot! She is doing a fantastic job; she is working with a very small budget but is making costumes you would see on a high budget BBC series! I don't know how she does it but all I can say every meeting is wow! I was happy to hear that her and her team has been nominated for best costumes and sets at the Blumey awards (which you can find out more about
here) for a stage production she helped produce!
Anderson Carman is doing the FX on Coma. He is a talented animator who is attending the acclaimed animation school “animation mentor ".
There are many others who without their support I could never have embarked on this incredible journey.

How can we support you in this journey?
How can you help us, there are so many ways to do this! We really need people to get the word out about us and the pilot! We are raising funds on Indiegogo to insure that we have a smooth production and can get the best film professionals in North Carolina! The funds will be going to effects, costumes etc. (I will not be making a dime on this, this is to insure that my people are taken care of and that the production can be completed). Check out
this link for a breakdown of where the funds go to as well as a video from the Coma team telling more about the project and showing off our amazing locations!

Coma Cast

Also, here is the link to the official Coma Facebook page. Please share the pages and get the word out on Coma! With your help, a promo pilot episode will be coming to a TV near you soon!
 Here is the link to the company that is helping with cameras, lights, etc.
 Thank you so much, and with your help we can make an amazing show for viewers everywhere!
So, what do you think? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Leave your thoughts about Coma in the comments below! And be sure to enter the giveaway as well.

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  1. It sounds like everyone is really on board for the Coma pilot! I love time hopping and will be sure and watch it! Thanks for the info and giveaway!!
    Bonnie Hilligoss/

  2. I can't wait to see Coma when it is finished! I hope it is a big success!!!

  3. Wow, this looks really interesting! I love the exterior location :) Hope to see more & thanks for this giveaway.



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