Friday, April 5, 2013

I am an awful human being

Yes, hi there. My name is Shelby, and I am an awful human being.
Ok, maybe not an awful human, per say, but more like a really really really awful blogger.
If ya haven’t noticed, I’ve been *super* slack on blogging recently. Honest-to-goodness truth is, I’m about three, almost four reviews behind right now. *hangs head in shame* I’m not even going to give you all those excuses about life being crazy or school work overload or sometimes wanting to do things other than blog (*gasp*) or just being plain ol’ worn out. Because the both of us know all that’s true (and more). They aren’t really legit excuses, though. But I hope they made you feel at least a bit sympathetic for me.
Here I go again, taking eons to get to my point. Ok, my point is: remember when I posted that really cliché New Years post around the 1st of the year? No? Well go read it here. Anyway, I “vowed” (heh) that I would start writing shorter reviews, especially since I got behind a lot last year. And now I’m putting that plan into action. Internet, meet Mini Reviews, Mini Reviews, meet Internet. They could range from one to three short paragraphs. Giving a book a Mini Review doesn’t mean I liked it any less than any other book, it just means “You were too incredible a book for more than a few well-thought out sentences!”
In other words, hopefully you’ll be hearing more often from me now. *grin*

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