Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post with Daniel Cohen: Is your novel the "Next Big YA Book?"

Today we have Daniel Cohen from Hipso Media guest posting about an awesome opportunity for aspiring YA authors. Check out the info below and comment with your thoughts!
I work for the submissions department at Hipso Media, a publisher of traditional books and multimedia eBooks. Working in this field for a while now, our team has noticed that there are so many awesome YA novels waiting to be published, but most of them can’t seem to land a home because of the red tape, agents, hassles, and hoops.
So in order to make the publishing process more accessible, Hipso has come up with the ‘Next Big YA Book’ event.
How it works:
Hipso is looking to publish the next big YA book, and then give the author all the perks that we possibly can. We will open our submissions to any writer who believes they have created the next YA sensation. No agent/credentials necessary. The important criteria are that their manuscript must be finished and not already published somewhere else. The open submissions will begin on June 10th and end on July 10th.
 To the selected author, Hipso is offering the following:
- A publishing contract with Hipso
- Their book available as an eBook on all major retailers - Kindle, NOOK, iBooks, Kobo, Sony, etc.
- A badge to next year’s BOOK EXPO AMERICA
- A book signing at next year’s BOOK EXPO AMERICA
- A ‘BOOK BLAST’ blog tour, which will be posted on 50 blogs.
- Exclusive front-page podcast on (which gets close to a million hits a year)
- Customized downloadable Bookmarks from Gina @ Behind A Million and One Pages
- 15 advance author copies
-The option of digitally enhancing their eBook with photos, music, videos, etc…

*Here’s the link to the submissions page:*

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