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Guest Post: Trisha Leigh, author of The Last Year series

Today, in honor of her newly released book, Betrayals in Spring, author Trisha Leigh is chatting with us about who she would cast as her characters if her books were made into movies.
When Shelby asked me to do a guest blog, I was mostly excited but also kind of oh dear what shall I write about – until she mentioned that she heard I review television and movies, and perhaps I’d like to talk about who my dream cast would be for The Last Year if it were turned into a movie or a television series.
Not only do I review televisions and movies for Poptimal, I have a degree in Television and Film Production from Texas Christian University (go Frogs!). Even though I haven’t put that degree to any real use in my life, I adore television and movies, and would one day love to find a way to integrate my passion for them and my passion for writing fiction.

Nicola Peltz

At any rate, today I’m going to tell you who I would cast in Whispers in Autumn, and also give you a little sneak preview into who I would cast in Winter Omens and Betrayals in Spring, when we meet a few new characters. Some of my cast is impossible to find actors for since, well, they don’t appear human – for them I’ll let your imagination run wild. I’m sure it’s much more wonderful than anything I can come up with, anyway. So here goes.

Jonny Weston

First up, Althea. I’ve waffled between two different actresses, but keep coming back to Nicola Peltz. She’s an interesting blend of fierce and reserved that fits Althea perfectly. Her hair would have to be a darker red, but other than that, she’s perfect.

J.D. Pardo
Next, Lucas. For a long time, Freddie Stroma was my choice for Lucas, but then I asked readers to choose between him and Jonny Weston – and Jonny won by a landslide. So, we’ll go with Jonny Weston. For one, he looks like Lucas – blond curls, blue eyes, wiry build – but he’s also got a sweetness about him that does remind me of Whispers in Autumn’s leading man.
Kim Bum

Pax, from Winter Omens, gives me a bit more trouble. Or at least he did until I saw J.D. Pardo on Revolution and thought THAT’S PAX. Pardo is hot, obviously, and muscled. More importantly (kind of), he’s capable of carrying off a moodier, less emotionally involved character. Pax may not remain that kind of guy by the end of the series (teaser!), but he certainly starts off that way.

Cassie Scerbo

Deshi is a complicated figure that I can’t really explain for fear of spoilers. But in case anyone is out there wondering, I’d cast Kim Bum.
In Winter Omens I introduce a pair of twins, Griffin and Greer. They’re playful to the point of being cruel, at times, and consider themselves not only more beautiful than humans (they aren’t human), but also stronger, faster, smarter – you name it, they are better at it. If you ask them. My choices are Cassie Scerbo and Chris Zylka. Because they’re both blond and beautiful, and both proved in previous performances that they know how to be snotty know-it-alls.
Chris Zylka

Evil brother and sister Zakej and Kendaja – Tom Felton and Elle Fanning.
The most evil Prime Other – David Lyons. Mostly because I want to meet him again. J
I don’t really have anyone in mind for minor characters Brittany or Leah, and would love to hear your suggestions, if you have any. Actually, I’d welcome thoughts and suggestions on any of my choices!

Tom Felton

Thanks for playing along today; it can be fun to find people that remind us exactly of the characters the way they are in our heads, but of course, everyone sees them a little differently and that’s why casting directors have such a hard job. When they get it wrong, in the fans opinion (think Jamie Campbell Bower in The Mortal Instruments), people can get really angry. When they get it right (Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, as well as pretty much every single character in Harry Potter), we all cheer.

Elle Fanning

I think we all just want to see the vision on the screen line up as closely as possible with what’s in our heads when we read. Once the vision is out there and filtered through a director/casting director’s brain, though, it’s bound to look a little different. And that’s okay. They’re actors, so their job is to become these characters, no matter what physical traits they do or don’t share.

David Lyons

What do you guys think? Do you like this new trend of YA fiction being snapped up for adaptations in Hollywood? Or would you rather the stories stay pristine and untouched in your mind?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments.
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  1. I can't quite see Nicola Peltz as Althea. Don't know who I would cast for her. I prefer Freddie Stroma as Lucas. J.D. Pardo is good for Pax as long as his hair stays a bit long - don't like it short! Kim Bum is PERFECT as Deshi. Tom Felton and Elle Fanning are perfect too. I could never quite picture Griffin and Greer but your suggestions work.
    Perhaps Amanda Seyfried for Brittany (probably too old now) and Vanessa Nicole Marano for Leah?


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