Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Dose #3...I believe in fairytales

I love books. You probably know that already. But it's not just a love for books. It's deeper than that. It's a love for beauty. I love books because I love the way words delicately flow across a page. They take you to another world and keep you there for however long you want. They make you think. They let you dream. They can change your life.

Pictures can do that, too. Whoever said "A picture is worth a thousand words" was a wise person- because it's true! Pictures can tell stories just like books can. They take you places. They let you dream. You can fall in love with them just like you can with books. And that's why I do this meme. To show you some things I find pretty or beautiful or just plain awesome. 

You'll never know what will catch my fancy, but I promise not to post any pictures that are rude or inappropriate, or include quotes that have dirty or filthy language. By the way, I get all my photos from an awesome site called We Heart It (http://weheartit.com/). Go check it out!  

[I found out about this meme from Holly over at Good Golly Miss Holly (http://goodgollymisshollybooks.blogspot.com/). Gabrielle Carolina from the Mod Podge Bookshelf (http://themodpodgebookshelf.blogspot.com/) participates in this meme too. Go check out their book reviews or daily doses!]   

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