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Books I've read...

Well, the heat of mid summer has set in and the AC is running like crazy, but not really making any impact. The tempurature of the pool reminds me of a hot bath, and being in the sun too long results in my skin turning a lovely shade of rose. My school books haven't arrived yet, so I can't get a jump start on my 11th grade year (what possessed me to resort to schoolwork to fill my days?). What to do, what to do...besides read?, or course! If you're hot and restless like me, here is a list of all the books I've read while I've been in high school. =) And below that, my TBR list. Happy reading!

Shelby’s High School Booklist
1.     The Giver- Lois Lowry
2.     The Ramsay Scallop-Frances Temple
3.     Fairest-Gail Carson Levine
4.     A Summer to Die-Lois Lowry
5.     When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit-Judith Kerr
6.     The Cross and the Switchblade-David Wilkerson
7.     The Flames of Rome- Paul L. Maier
8.     Swan Town-Michael J. Ortiz
9.     Catherine, Called Birdy- Karen Cushman
10.                         The Two Loves of Will Shakespeare-Laurie Lawlor
11.                         The Midwife’s Apprentice-Karen Cushman
12.                         Shakespeare’s Scribe-Gary Blackwood
13.                         The Homeschool Liberation League-Lucy Frank
14.                         Hotel for Dogs- Lois Duncan
15.                         Christy Miller series, Volume 1- Robin Jones Gunn
16.                         Exile, the 5th book in the Lady Grace series- Lady Grace Cavendish
17.                         News for Dogs- Lois Duncan
18.                        Christy Miller series, Volume 2- Robin Jones Gunn
19.                         Fame, Glory, and the Other Things on My To-Do List- Janette Rallison
20.                         Christy Miller series, Volume 3- Robin Jones Gunn
21.                         Christy Miller series, Volume 4- Robin Jones Gunn
22.                         Christy Miller’s Diary: From the Secret Place in My Heart- Robin Jones Gunn
23.                         Christy and Todd: The College Years, #1- Robin Jones Gunn
24.                         Sierra Jenson series, Book 1- Robin Jones Gunn
25.                         Sierra Jenson series, Book 2- Robin Jones Gunn
26.                         Sierra Jenson series, Book 3- Robin Jones Gunn
27.                        Christy and Todd: The College Years, #2- Robin Jones Gunn
28.                         Christy and Todd: The College Years, #3- Robin Jones Gunn
29.                         Katie Weldon series, #1- Robin Jones Gunn
30.                         Katie Weldon series, #2- Robin Jones Gunn
31.                        The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Poetic Version- Robert Watson
32.                         The Carter House Girls, #1- Melody Carlson
33.                         The Carter House Girls, #2- Melody Carlson
34.                         The Carter House Girls, #3- Melody Carlson
35.                         The Carter House Girls, #4- Melody Carlson
36.                         The Carter House Girls, #5- Melody Carlson
37.                         The Cat of Bubastes- G. A. Henty
38.                         The Carter House Girls, #6- Melody Carlson
39.                         Katie Weldon series, #3- Robin Jones Gunn
40.                         Notes From a Spinning Planet: Ireland- Melody Carlson
41.                         Notes From a Spinning Planet: Papua New Guinea- Melody Carlson
42.                         A Lady of Hidden Intent- Tracie Peterson
43.                         Brides of Gallatin County, #1- Tracie Peterson
44.                        Brides of Gallatin County, #2- Tracie Peterson
45.                         A Lady of High Regard- Tracie Peterson
46.                         Brides of Gallatin County, #3- Tracie Peterson
47.                         A Lady of Secret Devotion- Tracie Peterson
48.                         The Broadmoor Legacy, #1- Tracie Peterson
49.                         The Broadmoor Legacy, #2- Tracie Peterson
50.                         Holly’s Heart, Collection 1- Beverly Lewis
51.                         The Broadmoor Legacy, #3- Tracie Peterson
52.                         Summerhill Secrets, #1- Beverly Lewis
53.                        Summerhill Secrets, #2- Beverly Lewis
54.                        Courting Trouble- Deeanne Gist
55.                         A Bride in the Bargain- Deeanne Gist
56.                         The Measure of a Lady- Deeanne Gist
57.                        Carter House Girls, #7- Melody Carlson
58.                         A Bride Most Begrudging-Deeanne Gist
59.                         Deep in the Heart of Trouble- Deeanne Gist
60.                         Letter Perfect- Cathy Marie Hake
61.                         I Heart Bloomberg- Melody Carlson
62.                         Let Them Eat Fruitcake- Melody Carlson
63.                         It’s All About Us- Shelley Adina
64.                         The Fruit of My Lipstick- Shelley Adina
65.                         Be Strong and Curvaceous- Shelley Adina
66.                         Who Made You a Princess?- Shelley Adina
67.                         Spring Broke- Melody Carlson
68.                         Tidings of Great Boys- Shelley Adina
69.                         The Apothecary’s Daughter- Julie Klassen
70.                        Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah- Melody Carlson
71.                        Bachelor’s Puzzle- Judith Pella
72.                         Beguiled- Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand
73.                         Sister’s Choice- Judith Pella
74.                        Whirlwind- Cathy Marie Hake
75.                         Eric Liddell: Gold Medal Missionary- Ellen Caughey
76.                         The Odyssey- Homer (translated by Robert Fagles)
77.                         The Iliad- Homer (translated by Robert Fagles)
78.                        Bulfinch’s Greek and Roman Mythology- Thomas Bulfinch
79.                        Unwrapping the Pharaohs- John Ashton and David Down
80.                        The New Answers Book- Ken Ham
81.                        The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren
82.                         A Constant Heart- Siri Mitchell
83.                         The Carter House Girls, #8- Melody Carlson
84.                         Love’s Pursuit- Siri Mitchell
85.                         Lady of Milkweed Manor- Julie Klassen
86.                         Postcards From Pullman, #1- Judith Miller
87.                         She Walks in Beauty- Siri Mitchell
88.                         Postcards From Pullman, #2- Judith Miller
89.                        Lost Horizon- James Hilton
90.                         The Silent Governess- Julie Klassen
91.                         Postcards From Pullman, #3- Judith Miller
92.                         Miss Match: A Lauren Holbrook novel- Erynn Mangum
93.                         ReMatch: A Lauren Holbrook novel- Erynn Mangum
94.                         Match point: A Lauren Holbrook novel- Erynn Mangum
95.                         A Maid to Match- Deeanne Gist
96.                         The Scarlet Letter- Nathanial Hawthorne
97.                         A Cry From the Street- Jeanette Lukasse
98.                         The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth- Shelley Adina
99.                        Poking Holes in the Darkness- Jaki Parlier
100.                   Daughter of Venice- Donna Jo Napoli
101.                   A Tapestry of Hope- Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller
102.                   Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment- James Patterson
103.                   School’s Out- Forever- James Patterson
104.                   Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports- James Patterson
105.                   The Final Warning- James Patterson
106.                   Max- James Patterson
107.                   Fang- James Patterson
108.                   Anna of Byzantium- James Patterson
109.                   Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank
110.                   Practicing His Presence- Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach
111.                   Julius Caesar- William Shakespeare
112.                   Beowulf- Seamus Heaney
113.                   More Than a Carpenter- Josh McDowell
114.                   Pilgrim’s Progress- John Bunyan
115.                   Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
116.                   A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
117.                   Angel- James Patterson
118.                   Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen
119.                   Elixir- Hilary Duff
120.                   Silas Marner- George Eliot
121.                   To Save a Life - Jim and Rachel Britt
122.                   Cry, the Beloved Country- Alan Patron
123.                   The Hiding Place- Corrie ten Boom
124.                   Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret- Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
125.                   A Walk to Remember- Nicolas Sparks
126.                   The Notebook- Nicolas Sparks
127.                   Heist Society- Ally Carter
128.                   Animal Farm- George Orwell
129.                   The Girl in the Gatehouse- Julie Klassen
130.                   In His Steps- Charles M. Sheldon
131.                   I Kissed Dating Goodbye- Joshua Harris
132.                   Heroes of the Faith- Gene Fedele
133.                   British Literature: In Classic and Modern English- Wim Coleman
134.                   Christianity, Cults and Religions- Rose Publishing
135.                   Church History in Plain Language- Bruce L. Shelley

TBR list
Vanity Fair- William Makepeace Thackeray
Persuasion- Jane Austen
Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen
Lady Susan- Jane Austen
Mansfield Park- Jane Austen
Canterbury Tales- Geoffrey Chaucer
Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain
Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain
A Long Fatal Love Chase- Louisa May Alcott
Villete- Charlotte Bronte
The Martian Chronicles- Ray Bradbury
The Scarlet Pimpernel- Baroness Emmucka Orczy
How Do I love Thee- Nancy Moser
Washington’s Lady- Nancy Moser
Masquerade- Nancy Moser
Where I Belong-Gwendolyn Heasley
Prom and Prejudice-Elizabeth Eulberg
How I live now by Meg Rosoff
The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfield
Jake’s Choice by Jim and Rachel Britt
Waterfall – Lisa Bergen
Divergent- Veronica Roth
Dreamhouse Kings?
The Inheritance Cycle?

Tracie Peterson
Judith Pella
Judith Miller
Tamera Alexander
Jeanette Oke
Robin Jones Gunn
Melody Carlson
Liz Curtis Higgs
Kristen Billerbeck
Siri Mitchells
Lisa Samson
Julie Lessman
Julies Klassen
Lynn Austin
Lawana Blackwell
Linore Rose Burkard
Erynn Mangum
Beverly Lewis
Shelley Adina
Nicole O’Dell
Maureen Lang
 How's your summer been so far? Read any glorious books yet???

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  1. Hi Shelby,

    I love your blog! It's very colorful and full of great book suggestions. I wish I could read even half the ones you have listed. Keep up the good work!!



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