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Author Interview: Victoria Foyt, author of Save the Pearls series

Today we’re chatting with author Victoria Foyt on her newest novel in the Save the Pearls series, titled Adopting Eden.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, Victoria.
I grew up in a quiet seaside hot, leafy suburb of Miami, Florida where I was encouraged to read often. Fortunately, I also had a lot of dreamtime, which is so important to the development of a creative mind. My most frequent comment as a young girl was, ‘What if?’—the genus of all fiction. I also had a flair for the dramatic, as my three brothers would attest. In college, I received a double degree in French and Spanish with a double minor in German and business, which meant I studied a lot of great literature. After college, I studied acting and wrote screenplays. Each of these paths prepared me to finally let lose my voice as a novelist years later. I have many stories inside of me that I want to tell, and I’m grateful for the opportunity and the readership!

How has Eden matured or grown since Revealing Eden?
Eden has grown from a terrified, oppressed girl, who literally was afraid of her own skin, into a young woman who values her inner beauty and sees the world with brave new eyes. In the sequel, Adapting Eden, Save The Pearls Part Two, she faces the challenge of adapting into a hybrid human-beast if she wants to become Bramford’s mate, only to realize that by doing so she will find herself at the center of an epic spiritual battle on Earth. If she does not succeed in her personal transformation, or as the newly ordained goddess warrior, the ultimate war will destroy all, including the Jaguar Man she loves. Is Eden up to the test? Old fears will gnaw at her confidence, and the obstacles are bigger than she ever imagined. Hopefully, in the end, love will prove strong than hate.

Out of all the research you’ve done for this book series, what’s the most interesting fact you’ve uncovered?
I love chocolate. Okay, I admit that I’m addicted to it. During the course of my research on the rainforest, I learned that Theobroma cacao, the evergreen tree that produces the beans from which chocolate is produced, might be a casualty of global warning. Successful cultivation of cacao requires a delicate balance of heat, shadow and humidity. Its ideal habitat lies within a narrow corridor at the equator. But a recent study predicted that the current areas where cacao best grows will no longer be suitable by 2050. Yikes! Of course, this would be one of the more trivial consequences of a planetary meltdown. Nevertheless, I have begun to stockpile my favorite dark chocolate bars!

What are you currently working on?
I’m deeply enmeshed in the writing of Freeing Eden, Save The Pearls Part Three. I have lived with Eden Newman and Ronson Bramford in their world for so many years now that, to my surprise, the telling of part three is flowing easily. I sit down at my computer and Eden appears, like an old friend come to tell me what is happening in her life and how she feels about the immense challenges she faces. It’s quite a thrill. When I reach the end of this series, I will be sad to see Eden go, and yet deeply satisfied at the heroic arc of her journey.
Thanks for stopping by the blog, Victoria!
You can check out the author’s website here, as well as Adopting Eden and Revealing Eden here. And be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments! Leave a note for the author. J

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