Tuesday, September 3, 2013

“When Will My Life Begin?”

Sorry, Rapunzel, I can’t really relate at the moment. I’d much rather like to know when my life will freakin’ SLOW DOWN. Honestly, guys, I’ve been so busy the past few weeks few months. First, this happened:

~Bolivia mission trip 2013~

Then, this happened:

SCHOOL. *cue Jaws theme song*

Then THIS happened:

Beach with the fam. (Read: Severe sunburn. Horseback rides. Mosquitoes.)

Which means it’s been kind of silent on the blog recently. As in, I haven’t posted in a month. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. *shakes head* Nope. Sometimes things have to be put aside for a little while when life happens (or when college happens, in my case). I know there are tons of awesomesauce bloggers out there who are getting their Master’s and mothering eight kids while also blogging daily, but I’m just not the Wonder Woman type gal. Wish I were, but that’s not me.

So I apologize that I’ve neglected to post reviews, promos, interviews, and *gasp* participate in blog tours. If I’ve accepted your book to read for review and haven’t gotten around to it, I apologize. We are all human. I most definitely am.

Long story short (my stories always turn out long…I guess it’s the novelist in me), don’t feel shocked or neglected or abandoned or surprised or deserted or unloved if you don’t hear from me very often within the next couple months. It truly breaks my heart to have to give this up for the time being, but I know I’ll be back. Just think of it as a short hiatus. I’M NOT LEAVING- YOU ARE STILL STUCK WITH ME AND MY AWFUL PUNS AND JOKES.

Since you’re probably like me and don’t know much about life outside of the Internet (it’s a scary, scary world out there), here is a whimsical list of things to keep yourself busy with while I’m laboring to get an education:

1) Travel the world. Start with Bolivia (a beauuuutiful country, if I do say so myself). Eat lots of chicken and rice. Buy a llama keychain.

2) Watch seasons 1-7 of Doctor Who, then curl up in a fetal position and cry till the premier of the 50th anniversary episode.

3) Decorate early for Christmas (it’s never too soon to get in the spirit!).

4) Read. Duh.

5) Begin a scientific research study as to why Miley Cyrus is…well, the way she is.

6) Load up on coffee and candy in preparation for NaNoWriMo. Because that’s how real writers do it (who needs an outline, anyway?).

Happy fall, lovelies, and see you soon!

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